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Once we get clear and intentional about the Vision for our lives, that is when the magic begins to happen and the road gets revealed! When I say clear, I mean we can almost taste it, feel it, and touch it, as if that Vision were alive and breathing inside of us. That is the best feeling ever, because it means that we are truly CONNECTED to our Vision, in our bodies, mind and soul. From that place of clarity and intention, a series of unforeseen events begin to unfold that launch you on the Road to Vision.

Nevertheless, at this moment, our need-to-know human nature tends to also kick in, as we try to predict exactly how we will get from A to Z along the path to our goals and dreams. We often convince ourselves that there is such a thing as the best or the most obvious way to get us to that destination.

If I have learned anything about the Road to Vision over the years, it is that the journey never looks like we think it is going to look!

I wish we could all just start with that assumption, instead of feeding our expectations of how things are supposed to play out. It would certainly save everyone a lot of heartache. Sadly, when the path reveals itself and it does not look like what we imagined, this is the moment when many people give up on their Visions.

This is how it usually happens: we finally manage to connect with a big dream. Then we allow ourselves to embrace it. We commit to it. Excitement kicks in and we have the courage to take the leap into our Vision. And then, when the Road starts to veer off in unexpected directions (or seems to disappear completely), we get discouraged and give up! Negative self-talk creeps in, telling us that “Our Vision wasn’t meant to happen anyways”, “The Vision was too big and unrealistic”, “It is not really possible to make our dreams come true” “I’m not good enough, rich enough, just enough, to make it happen” or whatever you might say to yourself to discount the original inspiration.

Think about the last time you really, really wanted something significant to happen, that actually DID happen, but in an totally unexpected way. Use THAT moment and example in your life as evidence and inspiration. And I promise: you WILL get there eventually and you WILL be surprised along the way! I still have to remind myself of this on a regular basis. If you can just remember this simple truth, while staying connected to your Vision and trusting that you will eventually get there — it will happen!

When the Road to Vision surprises you, or even disappoints you,
DO NOT GIVE UP. KEEP HOLDING THAT VISION! Please remind yourself of the following:

#1 It never looks like we think it will look

#2 Be open to how you might get there in unexpected ways

#3 Trust and believe you WILL get there

And you will.

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