What are you telling yourself lately?

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One of the most powerful tools for creating our Vision is positive self-talk. When you think about the bold Vision for your life, do you tell yourself that it is definitely possible or that this is just a fantasy that will never be? That you can have what you want or that you don’t deserve it? That you can find the partner you seek or that you never have luck in love? That you can have the healthy lifestyle you imagine or that your body never looks acceptable to you? That you can create the financial abundance that you desire or that you never have enough money? That you can create the meaningful relationships that you want or that people are always out to hurt you? That you can contribute to the world in the impactful ways you envision or that you would probably fail trying, so why try?

Our thoughts and self-talk reflect our beliefs about the world and ourselves. Our beliefs shape our reality. Therefore, there is transformative power in taking responsibility for how we are thinking about things and the messages we are giving ourselves on a daily basis.

Most of us have a running commentary in the back of our minds that judge, critique and often discourage. Many times we are not even conscious of the negative messages and beliefs we are reinforcing within ourselves. Although it is nearly impossible to turn off that endless and often counter-productive chatter in our minds, it is possible to bring our awareness towards choosing the more positive ones.

The key is to really pay attention to your self-talk. Go deep and notice what messages you are giving yourself. Are you truly supporting yourself or are you doubting and discouraging? Are you framing things in an affirmative or negative way (i.e. “I don’t want to worry about not having enough money” vs. “I want to create financial abundance”). What are you really telling yourself on a daily basis about what is possible and what you are capable of? I find it amazing that we can say such negative things to ourselves that we would never consider saying to a loved one! We can be our harshest critic and this is often our greatest obstacle to creating what we want.

What if we were our greatest supporter?

Consciously paying more attention to our internal conversations gives a little extra room for us to choose and focus on the thoughts and beliefs that actually support us. Of course, it is common that the brain’s auto-pilot kicks in or something triggers us and makes our monkey mind spiral off in discouraging directions. When I catch myself in these negative thought patterns and self-doubt, I again try to imagine that I am speaking to a loved one, and what I might say to them. I also coach myself every morning, setting my intentions for the day and for my overall Vision. And even though I know the impact of my thoughts on what I am creating in life, positive self-talk isn’t just a habit that once learned I can then forget about. It is a daily practice that I have to choose again and again and from moment to moment.

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