Leaping Into Vision — The Moment of Inspired Action

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Think about the last time you made a major life-changing decision and then took action on it. What led you to take that courageous step? Were you moving away from something or towards something? Did you think about it for years or months in advance before you took that big leap, or merely weeks or days? Was there a particular event in your life that inspired your decision or a nagging feeling of continued stagnation that had to end? Was it something that somebody said or did which moved you to that Moment of Inspired Action?

We all know people who talk for years about certain changes they want to make in their lives and do nothing about it. And then sometimes people surprise us by taking that bold Inspired Action on the Vision for their life.This is what happened last week when my dear friend announced that she had quit her job and was going to move to Hawaii. She had been talking to me for a long time about her dream to work and live in Hawaii, but was always concerned about how she would ever afford it and uncomfortable with moving far away from her family. I was then shocked to hear that she had already put plans in motion and decided to move to Oahu next month! Although she had applied for a job there, she had decided to take the leap of faith and move to Hawaii whether she had a job confirmed or not. This Moment of Inspired Action by my friend really got me thinking about when and why it suddenly happens for people.

What brings us to that Moment, where we finally fully step into our Vision and are compelled to to make that bold move? I believe the answer to this question is the full alignment of what we really want, plus the belief that it is really possible, the faith in ourselves and/or some higher power, and a trusting openness to the unknown.

I asked my friend — Why now? What changed? She explained that she had just been offered another high-paying, high-stress job where she currently lives. Upon deep consideration and reflection, she turned down that offer because she very easily envisioned a similar life to the one she had now. That future was so familiar and uninspiring to her, that she was suddenly compelled to take an Inspired Action towards the Vision that she actually wanted.

I think about the big leaps that I have taken in my own life, including moving to other cities, living in other countries, following a love, leaving a relationship, starting my own organization, taking a sabbatical, etc. There was always a key moment when I knew IT WAS TIME and I WAS READY to fully commit and make a bold move that would change everything! I knew that by making that intentional choice and taking that step, an entirely new path through uncharted waters, towards a exciting Vision that was calling me forward would open up.

The last time that I experienced a Moment of very Inspired Action was the decision to leave Seattle, my best friends and the beloved organization that I founded 12 years earlier. I had been dreaming about moving to the Bay Areato pursue other career opportunities and see what life would open up for me there. I had considered this decision for quite awhile, and then suddenly, that Moment finally arrived, where I was compelled to act! A strong gut feeling told me that IT WAS TIME. With great trust and strength, I announced my departure to the world and made the leap into the unknown! I did not have another job lined up or know many people in my new city, but I knew I WAS READY and I had to act. It was a very difficult decision for me. Nevertheless, I wanted a change and the Moment had come to step into my Vision.

I always feel very ALIVE in these moments when my Vision aligns with the inner call for Inspired Action.

And when self-doubt creeps in, I remind myself that life always rewards and pleasantly surprises us when we have the courage to take that next step. I also end up feeling proud to have listened and given myself permission to have what I really want in life.

In my experience, we get some very evident signs when the time has come for us to act. You will probably feel it in your skin, in your heart, and in your bones — because our bodies are always giving us information and our bodies always know. Pay attention, listen deeply and trust. Take that leap into Vision when that Moment arises. There is nothing worse than staying stagnant because it is known, it is comfortable, it is familiar. And there is nothing better than feeling that you are living and loving the life that you choose!

What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly? ~ Erin Hanson

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