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I just love the movie Billy Elliot, about the young boy from the small coal-mining town in England who dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. His bold Vision defies all expectations from his family, community and society. And yet…he listens to his heart’s deep desire and blazes a new path of possibility to make his dream come true!

Having a Vision is about giving ourselves permission to imagine that we can become and create anything, despite the perceived limitations. The most exciting aspect of creating one’s Vision is the opportunity to imagine our lives and the world from a place of TOTAL POSSIBILITY. Think about every cool thing that exists or has happened in this world today. Everything started because SOMEBODY believed it was possible. Airplanes, the Internet, the iPod, the Eiffel Tower, women’s right to vote, the end of slavery, Bacon and Bloody Marys, all of these things were started with an idea in somebody’s mind. They were created through fearless imagination and bold Vision!

Letting ourselves dream big inspires greatness. Your Vision should be so exciting and feel so enticing that once you imagine it, it becomes bigger than you and pulls you toward it every day. Despite all the rejection, ridicule and obstacles along his path, Billy Elliot’s desire to dance and pursue his bold Vision became so much bigger than his limiting “circumstances”. And with that focus, commitment and passion, the Road to Vision will always open up. It takes courage and audacious boldness to believe in yourself and your Vision — and it always pays off!

“All worthwhile accomplishments start with a vision. Not a small, incremental vision, but a bold, audacious, flaming red, bigger than yourself vision.”

~Gloria Feldt

When I gave myself permission to dream really big and envision starting my own organization, OneWorld Now!, it began as a very bold idea in my mind. I had no idea how I was going to make it happen. It just felt like a very thrilling declaration of possibility of what “could be” in the world!
To get started on dreaming big, we have to really open our minds. This seems like a simple request, but the human brain tends to think from the perceived limits of our current lives. When coming up with a bold Vision, we have to stretch and be uncomfortable (because getting what we want often feels scary) and imagine something tomorrow that does not even exist today. Start by asking yourself, “What if anything were possible, what would I create in my life?”

There is a chance you will be telling yourself it is just a fantasy plan. This often happens when we allow ourselves to get in touch with what we really want. We must get over that. Impossible is nothing. Embrace your dream even if it seems crazy. I would say especially if it seems audacious and crazy! Close your eyes and see it, smell it, taste it. Be dazzled with what you can come up with. There is great power in allowing ourselves to experience what it might feel like to “have it all”.

And then take that feeling and write it down, draw it, paint it, color it…just do something to represent that bold Vision on a blank canvas where everything is possible. Fill it with your wildest dreams. Focus on the big picture of what you really want, letting go of the details or worrying about HOW you will get there. This is the moment of the amazing WHAT! What is possible? If it can be dreamed, it can be done.

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