The Power of Acting “As If”

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Can you imagine how it feels, in your body, in your mind, in your spirit, to really experience the big Bold Vision that you have been dreaming about and creating for years? Does it feel exciting? Does is feel scary? Are you inspired?Or are you still figuring it all out? If so, try this: Take a moment to think about the ideal life you want. Who is in it? Where are you living? Who are you living with? What kinds of things are you working on? Who are you working with? What are you creating? How are you feeding your soul? How do you spend your days? How do feel about your relationships, your work, your community, your resources, your health and well-being, your impact in the world? Connect with THOSE feelings. Feel THAT in your body and in your bones.

Interestingly, as I write these words and go through this experiment myself, I notice that I feel a wave of relief, then relaxation in my shoulders (as if a weight has been lifted) and then a surge of gratitude, generosity and inspiration. I get excited about all that I want to create in the world and the people I want to support! I feel a sweep of energy, like a lightning bolt through the core of my body.

Now let’s try a powerful experiment. Take that feeling of having your Vision with you throughout your day today! Act as if and be in the world as if this Vision is already happening now. Operate and think from the assumption that of course your Vision is already in motion. Start talking about it to others, as if it were real, instead of a distant dream. Make plans that include this Vision.

Go ahead, experiment with this and have fun with it. For example, if you have always wanted to spend a month painting in Italy, start declaring and acting as if that is happening for sure (whether you think you can make the time or the money for it yet). Start telling the people in your life that you are going to Italy to paint, something you’ve always wanted to do, throughout the month of January 2016, for example (there is power in setting dates, as we know!). Then just start planning on it, as if this were real. That might mean that you begin exploring one-month art programs there, sign up for Italian classes in the evenings, find friends who have been there and may suggest someone you could stay with, announce the vacation days at work, start putting money aside, make arrangements to be gone with your family, etc. Yes, I’m saying do all of this, as if it happening, even if you don’t know yet how you will actually do it or afford it (yet!). I suggest doing this “as if” experiment for at least 30 days, and just see what opens up!

This experiment works best with something that you have always wanted to do, but for whatever reason have put off. And it works best when you are absolutely committed to making it happen, even when you have no idea how. You can start with any aspect of your Vision, small or large! I started declaring and acting as if I was going to start my organization, OneWorld Now!, months before we officially formed the social venture in 2002. And I was declaring it before I knew how in the world all the details and logistics of it would come together. The launch event happened even when our seed money fell through at the last moment and we had to downsize the pilot program — but it still happened and the rest is history! The organization continues to thrive today, more than a decade later and since I have moved on from it myself. So I’m sure glad I was acting as if that were possible, even when I really wasn’t sure, at the time, how I was going to raise all the money and secure all the partners.

Acting as if your Vision is happening, despite the circumstances around you, is exactly the thing that eventually realigns your world to embrace that Vision. So believe it, feel it, see it, and act as if it is possible, and your Vision can soon become your reality.

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