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The Vision

We believe that when people connect with their Vision and act intentionally towards it, they become their best selves, live in their full potential and thus transform the world around them.  A true connection with our Vision unlocks and unleashes possibilities.

VisionVenture facilitates this process through massive doses of inspiration and a toolkit to make it happen.

The Vision Conversation is our platform to support bringing Visions to life.

 Join us!

The Vision Team

Our Story

Kristin and Fernanda met as teenagers 30 years ago in Oregon, when Fernanda was an exchange student from Brazil. Kristin was just about to leave her hometown of Salem, Oregon for South Africa for her own exchange year abroad.

They became fast and adoring friends, but then lost touch for nearly three decades.  During that time, Kristin and Fernanda were living in different places around the world and became leaders in their respective careers of social enterprise and advertising. The two finally reconnected when Fernanda was combing through Ashoka profiles for potential investments and recognized the face of her long-lost friend from Oregon.

The two globe-trotters finally met up and shortly after, decided together to combine their superpowers to start a global conversation and create a platform around Vision.  Together they have started the TheVisionConversation.com. Kristin is the Chief Visionary, inspiring the power of Vision through her talks and leading energizing VisionBoost workshops, while Fernanda is VisionVenture’s Chief Strategist with the ideas and action plan for making The Vision Conversation happen. 

VisionBoost Workshops

Boost Your Vision

TheVisionConversation offers energizing 60 and 90 minute workshops to inspire and unleash life’s possibilities. 

We’ll give you the framework and best daily practices to create the changes you want to make in your life and in the world. Participants will also have the opportunity to develop their own Vision Statements.

Whether you are still developing your Vision or you need that boost to make it happen, you will walk-away with tools and inspiration to support playing big and living the life you choose!  

For more information email us at

  • Our recent VisionBoost workshop engaged our employees outside of their daily roles and deepened loyalty to our company by showing an investment in their personal and professional development.

    The Vision Team engaged our employees’ hearts and minds. Over the course of an hour, our team learned about vision and intentions, both in and out of the work place. I highly recommend this workshop for a corporate setting.

    Our employees have been raving about the workshop and I myself have new clarity on my own personal vision!

    Lindsay Rango WhiteEmployee & Community Engagement Specialist, Intuit

Clients & Partners

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Vision Talks

Ashoka fellow, inspirational speaker and social entrepreneur Kristin Hayden is a high-energy, sought-after public speaker on living your Vision, diversity & inclusion, global leadership and social entrepreneurship for audiences ranging from high school-aged youth to aspiring and established change-makers.

For more information, email

  • Our participants were happy, grateful and inspired. Kristin is an energetic and inspiring speaker and our attendees were impressed. She exceeded all our expectations. Members of the audience said they felt inspired to plan for and welcome change in their lives. Kristin's Vision workshop perfectly complemented the message of her talk. As an organizer I should also add it was a pleasure to work with Kristin every step of the way. It was very easy to communicate with her and she was extremely professional and committed to giving her best at all times. It was an honor to have Kristin as a speaker at TEDxSãoPaulo in March 2015.
    Elena CresciaTEDxSãoPaulo Organizer
  • For the past two years Kristin has provided our students with a tangible and inspiring example of what can happen when that possibility is realized.

    Kristin's engaging and electric story completely captured our students, who were motivated and inspired by both her personal journey, and the journey of One World Now. They left knowing that persistence, passion, hard work, failure and a willingness to make bold and decisive choices can lead to success - and how that success can have a broader, tangible, social impact.

    Kristin has been an active and important part of our program mentoring students, participating in interviews, and judging for our Demo Day. Her energy and excitement is contagious and we look forward to having our students exposed to her work in the future.
    Joshua Caleb CollinsFounder & CEO at Catapult
  • I wouldn't hesitate to have Kristin coach my team, be it corporate or early stage. She's impactful.

    Kristin was an inspiring mentor and speaker at the Impact Hub SF / Kick social venture accelerator. Her ability to give practical advice based on her entrepreneurial experience as well as her talent communicating the power of vision in an accessible, actionable way, are truly unique.

    Michael Kuntz, CFACOO & President at Simusolar
  • Kristin's energy is infectious and she will deliver even more than she promises every time.

    I've worked with countless entrepreneurs who have taught classes and mentored at Impact Hub SF. Kristin stands out as one of the most inspirational presenters I've seen.

    She's able to clearly share her incredible story and use that context to give actionable advice for everyone in the room. I couldn't recommend her more highly.
    Marie HallerProgram Manager, Global Social Business Incubator at Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Thoughts On Vision

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    Once we get clear and intentional about the Vision for our lives, that is when the magic begins to happen…

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  • What are you telling yourself lately?

    One of the most powerful tools for creating our Vision is positive self-talk. When you think about the bold Vision…

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  • The Power of Acting “As If”

    Can you imagine how it feels, in your body, in your mind, in your spirit, to really experience the big…

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  • Feel It

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  • Legacy & Vision — A tribute to my mentors

    What contribution is my life making to this world? What is my life’s purpose? What is my legacy going to…

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  • Grateful for Gratitude

    Gratitude has become one of the most transformative tools in my life. There is all sorts of new evidence coming…

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  • Beware: Vision is Contagious

    Magic happens when Vision is shared. It is like watching a person come alive before you. I love being on…

    by Kristin Hayden

Make it Real

Bold Vision starts as a powerful internal process.
It begins by listening to your heart’s desire and then imagining that possibility for yourself in the quiet of your mind.
Once you have that Vision and you are ready to make it happen, you have to move it from your mind and put it out into the world.

Make Your Vision Real

If you have been dreaming about something for a while, and are now ready to take that leap, consider these three powerful and intentional actions for making it real.

Write it Down

Set A Date

Declare It

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